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Caleb Fenton RMT, CSMTA (cc)
Graduated from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 2009.
Early in his career, Caleb began to see an increased demand for a more
in-depth, thorough assessment based practice.

After almost retiring from massage therapy after only 3 years, he decided to shift his focus to a more in-depth assessment, treatment focused practice for one more year. Fast forward now, Caleb's practice is heavily sought after, with a heavy client load and cancellation list. He's also has had several referrals from neurologists, dentists, doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and team coaches.

Early with Power of Assessment, Caleb mentored several local RMT's, helping them find confidence and develop thoroughness with assessment and apply a specific therapeutic treatment.


Now, Caleb has developed 4 seminars, writing 5 articles that have been published and is an award winner through his association.


2009: Graduated from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy with Honors

2016: Sports Massage Therapy Certified Candidate

2018: Awarded the Heather Whittaker Memorial Award

2019: Massage Therapy of Association of Manitoba Merit Award


2012: Certified in Active Isolated Stretching

2015: Completed the written, oral and practical exam for Acupuncture

2016: Worked with Winnipeg Blue Bombers

2016-2017: Worked with the Southeast Thistles Rugby Club

2017: Teacher Assisted Paul Elliot at the MTAM AGM, Active Isolated Stretching Foundations Seminar

2018: Lead the first "Power of Assessment" group study for RMT's in Steinbach, MB

2018: Wrote his first article, "Power of a Assessment," to the Massage Therapy Canada Magazine

2018: Worked with the Eastman Raiders Peewee Team

2018: Worked with the Steinbach Pistons Hockey Team

2019: Wrote his second article, "RMT's and the Weakened Warrior," to the Massage Therapy Canada Magazine

2020: Worked with the Hanover Fusion U17 Women's Soccer Team

2020: Made cover of the Massage Therapy Canada Magazine writing his third article "Down low of lower back pain."

2021: Wrote his fourth article "Lower limb referred pain."

2022: Wrote his fifth article "Nail in the Head," article about headaches

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