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Lower back pain

Lower Back, Hip and SI


MTAA - 16 Primary CEU's

MTAM - 14 Primary CEU's

MTAS -  14 Primary CEU's

Lower Back, Hip and SI:

This seminar focus on several pathologies an RMT may come across for clients experiencing lower back, hip and SI joint pain.

  • Specific questions for the region

  • Range of motion testing and muscular involvement for the Lower back and Coxa.

  • Specific muscle testing.

  • Gait analysis.

  • 30+ special and orthopedic tests

Review, discussion and simple differentials of several pathologies including;

  • Disc herniations,

  • Lumbar sprain/strain,

  • Facet injuries,

  • Trigger points,

  • Piriformis syndrome,

  • and several other conditions.


Headaches: Assessment and Treatment




Power of Assessment Headaches Seminar and Webinar, is geared to understanding headaches as a symptom and aids in educating conditions that may cause headaches.

Headaches like tension, cluster, cervicogenic and migraines will be discussed in this seminar, as well as conditions like concussions, whiplash, ptosis and vertigo which would contribute to different type of headaches.

We'll also explore different treatment approaches to addressing episodic or chronic headaches.


Upper Limb Referred Pain

Work in progress

Upper Limb Referred Pain:

Power of Assessment Upper Limb webinar/seminar focuses on conditions and pathologies of the upper limb.

Conditions causing lateral and medial epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome and other conditions radiating into the upper limb like brachial tension and thoracic outlet syndrome.

We'll discuss structures of the arm, forearm and hand. Using objective based dysfunctional charts to further understand what limitations are presented and where the therapist should focus.


Lower Limb

Work in progress

Lower Limb:

Description coming soon...

Neck Massage

Head, Neck, Shoulder


MTAM 16 Primary CEU's

MTAS 14.5 Primary CEU's

Head, Neck and Shoulder:

This seminar focus on seveal pathologies an RMT may come across for clients experiencing;

  • Headaches,

  • Concussions,

  • Migraines,

  • TMJD,

  • Whiplash,

  • TOS,

  • Brachial plexus injuries,

  • and several other conditions.

Breaking down an assessment protocol in the region using;

  • Questions

  • Oberservations/Palpations

  • Range of Motion testing

  • Dozens of special and orthopedic tests


Due to the course closely corrilated to the CNS, we'll also review Red flags like;

  • Stroke,

  • Heart attacks,

  • Carotid Artery Dissections,

  • Vertigo and possible causes.


Lower Limb Referred Pain



Lower Limb Referred Pain:

Power of Assessment Lower Limb Referred Pain explores the possibilities of lower back, hip, SI and peripheral neuropathies causing pain into the lower limb.

Conditions like sciatic, piriformis syndrome, disc herniation's and thoracolumbar junction disorder (TLJD) will be discussed.


Less intensive referral patterns like myofascial trigger points, aka the mimicker's of several pathologies will also be discussed.


This will aid in equipping RMT's to differentiate between the origins of lower limb referred pain, how to assess for them and treat with better outcome measures.


Upper Limb

Work in progress

Upper Limb:

Description coming soon...

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